MareMathics – Innovative Approach in Mathematical Education for Maritime Students, Grant No. 2019-1-HR01-KA203-061000, is an Erasmus+, KA2, Strategic Partnership project with the aim of supporting the creation and implementation of innovative practices in mathematics education for students of maritime studies across Europe, promoting cooperation of respective institutions, peer learning and exchange of experience among teaching staff.

We found that the perception of mathematical education by many students at maritime universities is that knowledge of mathematics is not essential for advancement of their future seafarer careers. Students from these study programmes have shown difficulties in completing their tasks in mathematics and statistics, showing therefore both low success rates, as well as learning outcomes below expectations. Motivation is not showing high levels either and consequently, teachers of mathematics are willing to search and explore new teaching tools and methods to change these trends.

As a result, project envisages support for teachers of mathematics at maritime study programmes, in the form of innovative teaching methods, using contemporary IT and communication tools.

Project Partners:

  • University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Croatia
  • Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Maritime Academy, Estonia
  • Latvian Maritime Academy, Latvia
  • Polish Naval Academy, Poland
  • Toni Milun – Independent Microenterprise, Croatia

You will find more about our international project consortium here.

Tools Review and Needs Analysis

PDF document – 89 pages – 2,96 MB

As the result of MareMathics project, following scientific papers have been reviewed and published:

  • Anita Gudelj, Jeļena Liģere, Inga Zaitseva-Pärnaste, Agata Załęska-Fornal – Survey of Maritime Student Satisfaction: A Case Study on the International Student Survey to Identify the Satisfaction of Students in Mathematical Courses (Pedagogika-Pedagogy 93(6), 2021), available at:
  • Inga Zaitseva Pärnaste, Anna Saksa, Julia Tammela, Anita Gudelj, Jeļena Liģere, Agata Załęska Fornal – Effects of the Pandemic on Students’ Performance in Maritime Education (4th Global Conference on Innovation in Marine Technology and the Future of Maritime Transportation, Istanbul – Turkey, November 18th/19th 2021)